“To educate the students of Mechanical Engineering to become Researcher & Technologist in modern competitive world.”


“To enhance the knowledge and practical skills of students forsustaining incompetitive and technical environment to meet the global demand.”

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Department

1.      To develop the knowledge and problem solving concept of students in the field of mechanical engineering.

2.      To promote innovative designing ideas, analyzing and optimizing skills in student.

3.  To develop graduates with integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible Engineers for society.


Program Outcomes of Department


Graduate will be able to-

1.      Gain theoretical & practical knowledge of applied science & engineering.

2.      Develop the analysis and optimization skills for the development of cost effective process of the project.

3.      Design and develop the new machines/ product for Industries.

4.      Investigate complex engineering problems and find out the solutions.

5.      Use modern engineering tools and new software to handle /optimize the real world engineering problem.

6.      Understand, how new technologies & challenges can change the social environment.

7.      Develop eco friendly machines and fulfill the need of sustainable development.

8.      Understand their professional and ethical responsibility.

9.      Complete engineering projects either individual or in groups either individual or in groups with the help of leadership qualities.

10.  Communicate & demonstrate mechanical engineering knowledge & skills globally.

11.  Understand management principles and use the finance techniques to solve engineering problems optimally.

12. Develop attitude of lifelong learning for response against day-by-day technical challenges coming from competitive world.


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